Timber Frames

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and custom-made

Our standard and custom hardwood frames are delivered ready to assemble, which will save you precious time during the installation.

Our standard frame models will answer a large array of different needs and offer superior quality at a competitive price.

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These kits hold everything you need to build your hardwood frame yourself.

We can also recommend specialists who will install it for you.

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Image d'un pavillon monopente

Lean-to roof

Available sizes
12’x16’ 14’x16’ 16’x20’
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Gable roof

Available sizes
12’x16’ 14’x16’ 16’x20’

Available sizes

Available sizes
12’x12’ 16’x16’

Available Essence

De Bois Blouin chose the best wood there is for your hardwood frame. Our high-quality BC Fir will bring personality and timelessness to your project.

With its rich grain pattern and pinkish-brown colour, the BC Fir is recognized for its structural quality and aesthetics. Harvested in the western North-America, this essence is known for its superior mechanical performance compared to other coniferous.

Essence BC Fir

Displaying an attractive rose-brown tint and rich woodgrain, the structural and aesthetic properties of the BC Fir make it a go-to essence. Harvested along the west coast in North-America, it offers superior mechanical performances compared to other coniferous.

BC Fir

Available Colours

*Colours may appear differently according to the monitor. We recommend that you order wood samples to get a real-life preview of the colour.

Available Finish

Planed lumber

Planed lumber

Planed lumber

Add the finishing touch
to your frame


Our decking is known for its flawless design and the quality of its conception, especially when it comes to thickness. Roofing and other structures can be directly fastened to it.

Available Essence for Decking

De Bois Blouin offers spruce roof decking for your hardwood frame. Offering a uniform colour, the stability and sturdiness of spruce makes it the perfect choice for a ceiling.

essence Spruce

Easily found in Northern Quebec, spruce wood goes from white to light yellow that will not change in time. The essence is characterized by a straight, consistent grain pattern and small knots. It will add to any rustic or scandinavian-inspired decor.


Available Colours

We apply stain on the decking of all our ready-to-assemble frames. Our factory applied finish ensures a uniform and flawless result.

Available Finish for Decking

Planed lumber

Planed lumber

planed lumber

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