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Interior Paneling

De Bois Blouin offers straight, stable and easy to install tongue and groove paneling for your walls and ceilings as a beautiful alternative to paint or wallpaper. Our paneling products are offered in different essences, widths and finishes to fit in any decor. Unlike other products that might go out of fashion fast, wood is timeless and will blend in beautifully in any rustic, country or scandinavian interior design.

Mur avec lambris d'intérieur
plancher pin rouge et lambris large

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Available Profiles

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Essence White Pine

This softwood essence that varies from creamy white to yellow tints is the largest coniferous in eastern Canada. Its regular woodgrain limits colouring variations on a same piece.

White Pine

Essence Aspen

Also known as poplar, aspen is found in all of Quebec. Its light cream colour and discreet veining pattern are perfect for a sleek, minimalist look.


essence Spruce

Easily found in Northern Quebec, spruce wood goes from white to light yellow that will not change in time. The essence is characterized by a straight, consistent grain pattern and small knots. It will add to any rustic or scandinavian-inspired decor.


Essence cedar

Cedar is known for its durability and resistance to rot, therefore being a very stable essence. The Western red cedar displays a reddish-brown colour with variation from one plank to another while Eastern white cedar is cream-coloured and more uniform. Cedar remains a timeless choice for high-end projects.


Available Colours

*Colours may appear differently according to the monitor. We recommend that you order wood samples to get a real-life preview of the colour.

Available Finishes

planed lumber

Planed lumber


Rough lumber

Exterior Siding

De Bois Blouin specializes in high-end exterior siding, made of red or white cedar. Durable and rot-proof, cedar is the perfect choice for wood siding. Cedar can either be installed without any stain or paint and left to weather naturally. We also offer a factory finish to enhance its natural beauty.

Our wood siding expertise and know-how guarantee peace of mind to anyone who wishes to add cedar paneling to the exterior of a project.


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Décor lambris intérieur
Décor lambris intérieur
Décor lambris intérieur plafond
Décor lambris intérieur plafond et mur
Décor lambris intérieur

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