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Mezzanine flooring

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Roof-decking /
Mezzanine flooring

Often used for mezzanines, our roof decking is installed directly on the beams between two stories, therefore acting as a ceiling for the lower floor and as flooring for the upper story. Our structural hardwood products for mezzanines will help save space while adding character to your space.

Bois pour plancher et plafond
Décor plancher et plafond en bois

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Available Essences

Regardless of the essence you choose, we recommend light sanding after installation for a better result.

essence Red Pine

Red Pine

Essence White Pine

This softwood essence that varies from creamy white to yellow tints is the largest coniferous in eastern Canada. Its regular woodgrain limits colouring variations on a same piece.

White Pine

Essence BC Fir

Displaying an attractive rose-brown tint and rich woodgrain, the structural and aesthetic properties of the BC Fir make it a go-to essence. Harvested along the west coast in North-America, it offers superior mechanical performances compared to other coniferous.

BC Fir

essence Spruce

Easily found in Northern Quebec, spruce wood goes from white to light yellow that will not change in time. The essence is characterized by a straight, consistent grain pattern and small knots. It will add to any rustic or scandinavian-inspired decor.


Western Cedar

Durable and rot-proof, cedar is a very stable essence. The Western red cedar shows a reddish-brown colour and variations from one plank to another. The wood can be stained, oiled or left to weather naturally.

Western Cedar

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Décor avec plancher et plafond en bois
Plancher-plafond plancher pour mezzanine
Décor avec escalier et plafond en bois

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